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Kurt - A nerd

The project Kurt's was created in mid-Febuary, 2016. It started out with my bestfriend asking me to host an Easyblock Hide N' Seek server, and as a good friend, I did. I had no previous experience with hosting CS:GO Servers. This became a challange for me, I spent my nights googling. Understanding Sourcemod was the biggest challange, but after you played with it, it got pretty easy. I was also learning how to manage Linux based Operating Systems at the time, I was pretty new to it, which was a big challenge within itself, however there are great guides out there.

This Easyblock Server was pretty unique in how it was built, it was based on Trampolines and Speed blocks. The server only featured Rooftops, mainly because we couldn't find a map that was as big as rooftops. It became a pretty good success, and I worked every night with finding plugins that would fit the theme and other configurable options that would improve the gameplay.

After a while, a big request for a Noblock, rooftops only server was made. That was how the previous Server #2 was created, and we still only featured Rooftops. Both of these Servers were with Pre Speed. The popularity of Kurt's grew, and we had a blast doing it. After a while, my co-founder and co-owner decided to leave Kurt's for personal reasons. Which left me alone, as you might have seen, I'm not very good with HNS. I had no past experience with HNS before I started to host it, which became a challange for me. Luckily the Community members helped me a lot with suggestions and feedback. I am very grateful for that!

Suddenly a new request had reached me, a NoPre HNS Server. To be honest, at the time I didn't even know that NoPre HNS existed. I was happy to host a Server for that, mainly because I like helping the Community and I have fun doing it. This request came to me because Doctor G was shutting down. Delusional, the owner of Doctor G has helped me a lot, and I'm really greatful for the help I've received from that man. Along with the creation of my NoPre Servers came the previous staff team of Doctor G. They were incredibly experienced with administrating HNS, and most of them are very good at HNS as well. I'll mention some honorable mentions at the bottom, because those guys has created the foundation of Kurt's. I may be the Owner of Kurt's, and be the only one who has access to the server files, but the decissions regarding the Community are never mine alone. They are solely based on my Staffs opinion, and Community feedback.

At last, I'd like to thank every member of Kurt's Community, for the opportunity that is has given me. I really enjoy what I started, along with my best mate, and continuing with feedback from everyone.

I'd like to thank slip with a sentence. That guy has built so much within the Community, and I wouldn't be able to run this without his dedication towards Kurt's and the HNS Community.

Honorable Mentions:

tl;dr - Kurt is a fucking nerd with too much sparetime.
I am a nerd.

Doesn't even capitalise my name
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dont be sad vel, im almost on the bottom of this list ;/

its mke you dope
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I will not correct it. Too bad.
I am a nerd.

so many typos

Crippling Depression

Brought me to tears, bravo!

Its hard keeping the tears in! Much love!!!

JULZ Wrote:dont be sad vel, im almost on the bottom of this list ;/

hehe 8-)
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