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General Server Rules

If you don't follow these rules you will be punished at the staff's discretion.
  • *You are not allowed to advertise other Servers/Communities.
    *There is an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating, any offenders will be instantly banned permanently.
    *Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.
    *Common sense applies.
    *Only English in Voicechat on servers #1 & #2. On #3 and #4 you can speak Swedish & English.
    *No Winner-Team-Joining (WTJ).
    *No Microphone spam allowed.
    *No Exploiting of bugs. (Wallbug, Edgebug and Jumpbug is allowed.)
    *You are only allowed to choose team via Spectate at the start of the game, after that it is not permitted.
    *No using/abusing known out of map bugs (eg. hns_farm_beta2)
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