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unban appeal - astro

Name : astro

Banned by : slip

Ban Reason : Bhop Cheating 

Why should i be unbanned ?

That makes almost 6 months i get banned from Volta ( Kurt's server)
And i really enjoyed the old time, yes im guilty i just cheated on the server and uses my accounts for playing again
ps : i was legit on the accs / im again really sorry, but i really want to know how can i get unban if i need to pay some money
, im never gonna cheat again on your server, you're gonna probably answers this topic by : no cheats
but i think someone can give me a chance.

Evidence : no

Guilty : Yes 

thanks  Heart

We decided to give you a second chance. Your main account has been unbanned. I hope that you don't need a third chance anytime soon Wink
Have fun,

And clicking the paper thing by the users name takes you to the last post? Thanks so much
Men's power - I recommend

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