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Unbann appeal

Name : Finlandmies
Banned by kurt
Server : No pre no block
Ban reason : Ahk
I should be unbanned because everybody uses ahk at some part and i have learned from my mistakes
Well i just said i did use ahk not going to lie

This is not a church.
I am a nerd.

I know

So no real answer, kinda childish

So you say if i scripted once there is no chance for unban?

You were banned at one point for using a script, shortly after making your first appeal on these forums you were banned on Mythical for using a strafe script, which is the main reason you were denied the first time.

I will discuss it with the staff at some point and let you know what we think, but repeating offenders generally don't get unbanned because they tend to just keep doing the same things they always do.

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