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General Rules
  • Do not spam.
    Do not post malicious content or suspicious software.
    Do not troll in the serious forums. This includes the Community Related Information,Serious Discussions and Courthouse.
    Speak only in English on the forums.
    Do not blatantly advertise other games, communities, products, etc.
    Follow the rules specific to particular forums.
    Do not impersonate other members.

Images, Signatures and Avatars.
  • Do not post any pornographic content.
    Graphic gore content is not allowed unless previous approval is given.
    Do not post huge images. Signatures must be within a maximum 500x125 radius.
    Do not post others' content and claim it as your own.

Posting Rules
  • You reserve the right to post your opinion regarding the community. Do not however, post pointless stuff.
    Respect all other members and staff.
    Do not post to try and increase your post count.
    Do not make duplicate posts. Use the search feature to verify.

Administrators of Kurt's Community can remove your posts and take away forum privileges at any given time if any of the mentioned rules are broken.
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