Hide N' Seek

§1 No Mid-air nadeblocking, nadeblocking on ground is allowed.

§2 No Running away from CT's for extended periods of time, you must juke.

§3 No Camping in a spot for longer than 25 seconds.

§4 No Undercamping, undercamping is waiting below someone for them to jump OR stabbing someone that is above you on a block you cannot reach.

§5 Understabbing is only allowed when someone is jumping over you or on a ladder, stabbing someone above you on a block/wall is undercamping and not allowed.

§6 No Funjumping unless the majority of the server agrees to it.

§7 You're not allowed to hide.

§8 No Intentional Damage Jumping, repeated offenders will be punished.

§9 English only. This applies to Text chat, as well as Voice chat.

The rules updated on: 2018-01-23