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Application for mod (KZ server) - KöttbullarMedK - 2017-12-21

What's your nickname: KöttbullarMedK

What's your age: 18

What country are you from: Sweden

Which server are you applying for: [b][Volta-Gaming.com] KZ|128 Tick|Timer|Global[/b]

How long have you played on the server: 150+ H

How much can you play everyday: 4-7 h

Have you been admin/mod on another server before: Twitch-chat moderator is the closest i've been to moderator never in csgo.

Why do you think you should get moderator: Because i think that there are not enough moderators on the KZ server and there is often problems with other peaople and other bugs. I think I would fit in as a moderator because i play on the server every day possible and for a good amount of time. I will take responsibility for the players well-being and won't let anyone misbehave either.

Link to your Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112329102/